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Sigma 3 Digital

Our Services

None of our clients are the same, each has their own unique challenges and current position in their respective markets. 

Because of this, Sigma 3 Digital has a range of ways we can support you, from our consultancy offer, to our Digital Academy service, to our SAAS-based software products.


Digital Consultancy

What is it? 

We help companies save both time and money by improving processes and data management through automation solutions. Everything from document processing, customer service, inventory and supply chain through to reporting and analytics, Sigma 3 Digital can make you more efficient and effective, saving you time and money. 

How Does It Work 

We'll work closely with you to understand your specific needs and challenges. Then, we'll develop tailored automation strategies to streamline your operations and data management.  

Why Use Sigma 3 Digital? 

Our team has a proven track record of delivering successful automation solutions for large, complex organisations. By working with us to automate your processes and data management, we’ll significantly reduce your operational costs, enhance your efficiency and ensure accuracy of outputs. This frees up valuable time that can be better spent on strategic initiatives. 

How Do I Start? 

Please use the contact page on our website to start the conversation if access to our consultancy could help your business. 


Sigma 3 Digital Academy

What is it? 

Sigma 3 Digital Academy supplies individuals with digital skills to our clients for short- and medium-term placements. The skills we offer include: 

  • Data engineering 

  • Data analysis and visualisation 

  • Coding 

  • Automation 

  • Software development 

  • Project management 


How does it work? 

We discuss your needs and supply people with the right skills to support your work.  Our associates are there for you to direct, as you would with a member of your permanent team, but are supported by our leadership team to help where needed. 

Why use Sigma 3 Digital Academy? 

From our experience of leading large technology-focused teams we know that recruitment and retention of people with digital skillsets is hard, it takes time and can be expensive. We’ve seen projects being shelved and hear about companies being held back from growth because of the lack of skills available to their business.  

Sigma 3 Digital could have a person with the skills you need, supported by our expert, caring leadership team, delivering for you from next Monday morning. Your project is then deliverable and your managers get their time back.      

How do I start? 

Please use the contact page on our website to start the conversation if access to our digital skills could help your business.  


Insight Labs - Financial Risk Software

What is it? 

Insight Labs is a software solution designed to empower you with data-driven insights for informed decision-making. Our software analyses data, enhanced by advanced AI technology, to enable comprehensive due diligence checks before crucial business decisions, including financial investments, partnerships, and supplier arrangements. 


How Does It Work? 

Our software simplifies the due diligence process by seamlessly integrating your data sources. You can harness external data for comprehensive analysis or, alternatively, go a step further and combine your internal data with external sources. In both cases, our AI algorithms analyses and interpret this data, delivering invaluable insights. With a user-friendly platform, we ensure a straightforward experience, enabling you to swiftly access and comprehend vital information. 


Why Use Insight Labs? 

We equip you with the data you need to make well-informed decisions, reducing risks and increasing your confidence in your choices. Our software streamlines the due diligence process, saving you time and resources that would otherwise be spent on manual research.   


How Do I Start? 

Please use the contact page on our website to start the conversation if access to our consultancy could help your business. 

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